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Accepting the aging process, seriously it sucks.

So I start off with in time of Instagram and social media no comparing yourselves to others is impossible. Its like a switch went off overnight, I feel asleep and I had no fine lines, pigment issues or weird flabby skin. Then I woke and my tits just failed me, my arms move even when I don't move them and my face well I look my age for sure.

When I was younger 55 year olds looked 55, now most 55 year olds look far better than me. So what's the secret... I don't know! But I do know this every 5 years changes once you hit 30. Your digestive system wont be the same, your sleeping patters will change, you will bloat when you look at cookies. But why does this effect some of us more than others? I guess it's acceptance, some of us accept aging and say oh well this is how I am going to look and I am ok with it. Others kick aging's ass by eating healthy, working out and well lets be honest most dabble in a little thing called plastic surgery.

I am not sure I'll get there, I mean accepting aging or going under he knife. I think self esteem and self confidence is was more important that looking a certain way. But its the hardest thing as a person to accomplish. There is always going to be someone with bigger tits, nicer legs and you just can't compare yourself. You know why I love myself and body more today than i did at 20 ? Because I know myself, I trust myself and I accept myself. I'll never look like the stars, the Instagram models and I finally ok with that, Because I look like me and that's good enough. I mean I would love a bigger ass and maybe a flatter stomach but you get some you lose some haha !

Be proud of you !

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