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Adult Women Friends

So when I went to high school I was fairly lucky I had more friends than enemies. When I did have someone who didn't like me typically we would find ourselves drunk at a high school party and either fight it out or call it truths and become besties. Girls are odd, but adult women are another cup of tea.

After high school I left the state and started a new life. Unfortunly I don't have a ton of girlfriend's from high school or college. So I entered into the young married mom trying to get friends. The first few years of them being small was find, we schedule playdates and met at the park and eventually I would find that one mom that knew what was in my mug wasn't coffee and that was it we bonded. But now with them being older its like a fight or flight situation. The awkward school functions when they run over to you and like : Oh, your chases mom?" and I'm like yea whose kids yours ? Ok that is mean but for sure but if we have any chance of being friends your kid cant be the a**hole of the class.

My husband has little to no interest in having friends outside of his 3 that he sees like 4 times a year. So that gives me a little challenge too because I start chatting and then they pull you should come over and bring your husband, I have to nicely say that's not happening unless your husband is in constructions, drinks beer and works like 75 hours a week because if not they will have nothing in common.

So the real issue with adult women friends is they are a rare breed man. They are caddy, shit talkers and most only want to make you think their life is perfect and amazing. Listen ladies if we are going to become friends you need to swear more than you use syllables, be not dramatic I am your friend not your mom I don't want to listen to why Amy is such a bitch because she posted some crap on facebook I DONT CARE, lastly and the most important I don't like fake B*tches. Like get over yourself we all have a insane marriage our husbands are complete lunatics sorry babe :) , our kids are basically lord of the flies living and life is a shit show.

If you can come to be like that I am your girl. Recently I did meet someone that fit these rules and I can tell you its easier when you find someone you can just be you around. No smoke and mirrors just chill and real. So ladies I end with this. Stop trying to be facebook perfect, f*ck up and own it. You will attract the right people who bring you up, dont waste your time trying to be friends with the cool mom because she aint that cool !

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