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Being a sports mom

The consistent driving, late-night meals, dirty laundry, and sore backs from bleachers and camping chairs. It's exhausting being a sports parent. But nothing trumps that there is always that one parent that oversteps. The yelling from the stands, the berating of the refs, telling the coaches how to coach. It's the worst part of kids' sports. So after years of witnessing other parents act a fool here is my open letter to you.

Dear Parent who makes themselves look like an asshole-

First, RELAX. The chance of your kid making it into the MLB, NFL, NBA, etc. Is like 1 in a mil. They are kids, let them be kids. Stop with your bullshit side comments like you are some expert in the game. Remember the coaches are VOLENTEERING their time for your kid. If you don't like it too bad should have signed up to coach. Let them coach.

The refs are doing this job, most likely because they love the sport. They are doing their best they don't need Amy from accounting in the stands to let them know they made a bad call. They saw what they saw get over it.

How you are acting is seen by all the kids who are playing, as well as the parents and you are making a damn fool of yourself. Your kid isn't going to grow up and remember my mom is the best all she did at my games is start shit with parents, coaches, and refs. Teach your kid respect. How to be humble when they win. How to handle a loss with grace. That's what will make them good teammates, players and people.

And at any point, someone else's kid makes a mistake or is learning the game. Don't you comment or sigh like your kid is MVP. Your kid will screw up too and you know what his coach and teammates will still cheer him on. Your kid know what mistake he made he doesn't need your heavy burden added to it. You're just going to give them anxiety and leave them insecure.

As a final note. The definition of sportsmanship is " The quality of respect, fairness, and generosity shown towards another team/player" As a parent you are the example. Don't ruin it for your kids and get your shit together.

- From the other parents

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