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Growing up in a rich area, does it make you privilaged?

So recently I had a conversation with some people about the area that we live in. We live in a town called Saratoga nestled in between Albany and Montreal. To give context neither of these other people are from here. I was born and raised in this area and for that, I feel like I have the upper hand on either defending my town or explaining the shitty parts of it.

Yes, this town is well off. Some more than others and there is a status war between some people. It's not keeping up with the Jones' it's keeping up with the Riggi's in my town. We have history, horses, and health in this town or so they say. I love this town, its part of me and that's why I moved back to raise my kids here. Growing up here for me was great, you didn't have to be worried about much. In middle school, we were mall rats and then in high school it was parties and football games. Basically, the classic upbringing you want. People were great, schools great, downtown amazing, and the added benefit of living in a truly historic town.

Now here is where the argument started. My friend commented that their children think that they should get them the nicest iPhone because all their friends have it. Then they proceeded to say that even though they don't feel their children should have the iPhone they do believe this town puts immense pressure on them to have the nicest of everything and basically it's the town and people in this town's fault because most of us are rich and privileged. Then we all aguged for 30 minutes until I said basically that their comments were irrelevent because they didn't grow up here... Which was out of line and guided by a few too many beers.

I grew up middle class in a nice neighborhood with money but had a pretty shitty family. My husband grew up here also downtown in a 400 sq ft apartment with his mom and brother in which they struggled to keep the lights on. Most of my friends in high school didn't have the nicest cars and some did. It wasn't like it was overwhelming rich assholes but mostly middle-class families. Either way, this has nothing to do which if your child should have the nicest things. My children don't, I can mostly give them whatever they want but I won't. My thoughts are your kids should always feel they don't have something, that's life and that's what pushes you to work and work to get what you don't have.

I love this town. I love the people (mostly). Yes, there are rich assholes that live here but there are amazing people here too who don't have much but push forward and I truly believe their kids are better off than the rich. Teach and show them work don't give up too much you will regret it in the end.

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