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Hiding behind the mask

I am pride myself on knowing that I do simple gestures of respect each day. Holding the door for someone, let a car pass you ( hoping for a wave back), Picking up something for someone when they drop it, and something as simple as saying excuse me in the grocery store when passing in front of their view.

I used to get that in return, often. Or at least a "thank you" for my gesture. The pandemic hit with a vengeance taking away any hugs, touch, smiles, simple respect and feeling comfortable making eye contact with someone. I thought that it would start to return at some point, but unfortunately, I am finding that's not true.

Daily, I encounter situations where I am completely surprised by how people act. Take the grocery store you either have the extremely hyped-up version of a shopper who could give a shit less about you and races through the aisles past you with little regard to grab that last box of pasta. Hiding so smug behind their mask as if a simple excuse me isn't necessary due to COVID. So I am here to tell you not only is it needed, it's needed a million times more than before.

Humans are meant to interact and feel inspired. So I ask you to be kind and try to stop being so cold. Covid is still here but that doesn't stop you from making someone feel. So say hi, excuse me, make the small talk, offer to open the door, let someone cut in front of you, the world will always need that.

Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.

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