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I don't check my kids homework or grades- either should you

When I was in school the dreaded report card mailing day scared the crap out of all of us. Sometimes I would take a sick day just to be home for when the mail came to swipe it up before my parents got it, just to by myself sometime.

Fast forward to 2020, there is about a million ways to spy on your kid in real time. Like right now I can log in and see how many assignments he missed or received poor grades because it was late, but I don't. Why ? Because what am I teaching him if I do that? Your 13 that's your responsibility not mine, am I going to there when your at work at 30 making sure you finished up that big presentation? No!

Also your kid needs to fail, and fail hard sometimes. That's when they learn the most and if they coast through school with a radar detector catching their every bad move they are going to fall on their ass come adulthood. Ill remember the day my son my in 5th grade had a huge project due and he forget it. He called me, freaking out asking me to bring it before the last class of the day. You know what I said? No- you tell your teacher why you forgot it and deal with what she says. I was home I could of easily slipped it over to his school but I didn't. You know what he got a bad grade because it was late and I was ok with that.

I truly don't care if my kids are honor roll, star students blah blah blah. Because you know what that's not real life. Failing is real life, making mistakes is real life and being human is real life. You will not have a safety net catching you when you run off to adulthood so i am going to cut that now to help you prepare.

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