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I had a bad day and I am allowed too.

Yesterday I woke up after a horrible night sleep just in a horrid mood. I was annoyed it was cold. I was annoyed my husbands clothes were on the floor next to the hamper. I was annoyed when I went to have a cup of coffee we were out of creamer. Mostly I was annoyed with being annoyed.

When I have a off day nothing goes right for anyone. I am not saying I'm the string that keeps us all together. More like the button on the pants without the button they just don't fit right. I held my frustration in enough to say goodbye to my husband, dropped my son off at school and stopped to get a cup of coffee. I came home and just everything blew up. I cried for a minute, slammed the laundry into the basket, cleaned up the kitchen from the mess my family made. Why couldn't they just pick up after themselves? Stressed about Christmas shopping. Felt unappreciated. It was a shit day and it was only 10.

Then my 13 year old came down the stairs complaining about an assignment he had for school. Some small assignment he could of done in the time it took him to complain. So I lost it and told him all the reasons why he shouldn't complain about small things, blah blah blah. The day only got worse and I began to just get pissed at everything. The rest of the afternoon is a blur.

I then made dinner for everyone and I didn't even have the appetite to eat. Went upstairs to my room with a glass of wine and starting wrapping gifts. I needed to be alone to regroup myself and get it together. After about an hours I felt a little better and came back downstairs to watch TV with my family.

Before bed I went in and apologized to my son for being short and mean to him. His response " Its ok mom, we all have bad days". At that moment I realized he is right. I am allowed to have bad days and so is my husband and kids. We need to be able to have bad days unapologetically. Some days suck more than others. Some days you don't even know why it sucks. But give yourself some slack and stop trying to be perfect and have a shitty day.

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