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It's never to late.... ever.

It's never to late to find love, start a new career, start a family, redefine yourself or change. Sometimes we are given this timetable and certain milestones that we are suppose to hit by certain age or time in life. That's all bullshit.

You pick, you choose there is no milestone table or right way to do it. I got married young, had kids young and get judged all the time for it because now most people are waiting and getting their career going. Sure having kids young wasn't easy or ideal but it's how my life panned out and who are you to judge?

I have friends who had their first kid in their 40's and some in their 20's. It doesn't make either one a better parent. Truly I think if we didn't judge we could learn from each others each experience's and help each other. Some people are not married with kids, single, divorced etc etc. This does not define them into a certain group. We are all the same.

So if your divorced get out there and let yourself be loved.

If you hate your job.. Jesus quit! Trust me most company's think your replaceable and you should let them know your not ! I learned this the hard way. Staying at a company because i thought it was my only option but then one day I quit and they didn't flinch. I said to myself - man I should of done that years ago !

If you want a child... move forward with or without the one (man/women). This is 2020 and the options are amazing !

Make you happy not the world because the world doesn't give a shit about you, only you do.

If you are parent- go on date nights, take trips away. Don't feel guilty they will forget. Plus if it makes you happy it makes them happy.

It closing... do whatever the fuck you want to do to make you happy with no apologies.

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