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Just Go Vote!

No matter what your choice right, left in between this year has been one of the hardest years a lot of us have had to go through. But we are in a country that is a democracy and that gives you a option on what happens next. We all didn't always have this right, so why just throw the opportunity away ? Women we allow to vote in all areas in 1930, It took until 1965 for African American to have that right as well that is only 55 years ago. Let that sink in.... most of your parents and grandparents were alive when not all American's had the right to vote.

So that's on you, all these men and women stood before us and fought to give us this right. Do it and don't complain about the other candidate you are not voting for, people know what they want and who they believe in and that's what make America. I want to look back at these years and know what I stood for and show my children that we live in an amazing country. No matter the outcome of this election I will still be a proud American and so should you. Be kind to one another and lets unite!

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