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Local Bad Ass Women - Meet Noha El Ghazaly

Meet this week’s Bad Ass women! Noha El Ghazaly!

Noha runs a cooking Youtube channel that offers step by step "how to" fun and amazing recipes inspired by blending both of middle eastern and western cuisines. Noha originally from Egypt came to the states in the summer of 2017. She quickly acclimated to the area and I am lucky enough to call her a friend. She is kind, smart, an amazing cook, and above all a Bad Ass Women!

Q. 1 When did the entrepreneur bug bite you?

I always had my passion in cooking since I was little. It mainly came from my grandma who was an expectational cook and my mom who always inspired me with her creativity and superb flavors! That is why I decided to study culinary (part-time while doing my other job) about 7 years ago and I became a certified chef. I always wanted to do something related to F&B sector. In 2015, I opened a catering company in Egypt. However, that same year my husband’s work got him moved to Singapore and we knew he would stay there for 1 year, and then we would move to the US. As much as I wanted to keep the catering company going, it was almost impossible. So, I had to shut it down. When we moved to the US, I still dreamed of making something more with my passion for cooking, and ironically COVID19 gave me that chance. With the pandemic, my workload as a social science research analyst dropped dramatically and I had a lot of free time that I wanted to make use of and stay active and engaged in something I love. So, I decided to start my YouTube channel.

Q. 2 I see that your channel offers both English and Arabic? Why did you choose to do that and do you think cooking is the same or different across all cultures?

For eng and ar videos: my aim was to reach both communities that I feel I belong to Egypt and the United States. Wanted my Egyptian friends and followers to get introduced to the awesome American cooking style and for my American friends and followers to get introduced to some of our authentic Egyptian food.

With regards to culture, it is more about social networking than it is culture. There is definitely a great cultural variation but when it comes to My YouTube channel I think social networks are what really give you that push especially at the beginning. I have many Egyptian followers and according to most of my videos would reach or get suggested to Egyptians and so far I have failed to increase the % of American followers.

Q.3 Who were the women mentors that encouraged you or inspired you?

My mom is my mentor and role model. She has always been a hard worker and an amazing mom at the same time. Highly organized and efficient in doing her work, house chores, and caring for me and my brothers. She always made me feel that multitasking and working 12-14 hours is fun and enjoyable. Other than my mom, Michelle Obama is a great source of inspiration for me. I see her as an outstanding example of what a strong ambitious woman could achieve and have that impact on people around her.

Q.4 What do you do for encouragement or to be motivated?

For motivation: positive feedback from my family and followers is what keeps me motivated. Whenever I feel down I remind myself of the good feedback I receive. Also, I believe when you’re passionate about what you do you will always be motivated.

Q. 6 How do you balance your entrepreneur life with friends/family that don’t understand the challenges we experience?

I am very lucky that my family are very supportive and caring .. they do all they can to help. With friends, things are a bit different cause they don’t actually realize the amount of work and time I have to put into my business and I totally understand that.

Q.7 What Is the mission of your business/job?

My mission is to convey my culinary knowledge and professional cooking in a simple way to every home cook. Definitely persistence and resilience.

Q.8 With many challenges with being a woman in business, what about being a badass woman has benefited you and your business?

Not backing down in front of the many daily challenges especially when I am juggling between my business and family needs.

Q.9 Finally - What is a quote that inspires you!

My quote: “ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” by Da Vinci...

Noha makes easy-to-follow recipes that I make often. As a busy mom, she makes the recipes easy, straight forward and fun! Follow her today and try out some of her amazing recipes. With over 3.500 followers already she is sure to keep moving!

( I love writing these blogs and featuring these amazing ladies, I do ask if you could give them a follow or like on their social media as support, Women supporting Women )

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