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Marriage in a Pandemic

Someone once said "When a newly married couple looks happy, we know why. But when a ten-year married couple looks happy, we wonder why." Ok I know that so messed up. But unless you have been married over 10 years don't judge !

I have been married for 15 years, that's 15 birthdays, Christmas', 300 man-colds and about 1000 fights. So when I meet a couple married for as long as we have that floods that social media with" Oh he is so good to me, he bought me flowers" LIKE STOP! I haven't recieved flowers from my hubs in 14.9 years and honestly I am ok with it. Sure I would love to be adored and showered with gifts but lets get real marriage, life and family is exhausting . At this point its cheaper to keep them holds true.

I love my husband but after 15 years you stop trying to change or impress the other person you just fall into who you really are and either the other person accepts or they move on. I have accepted I will be the main person cooking, cleaning and holding this shit together. He will come home complain, act like his life is sooooo stressful and I will pour a glass of wine and move on with my night.

So when the pandemic started I for sure thought the BIG D was on the verge of happening to us. All of us stuck in a house together for like who knows forever. But after a month it changed we slowed down, we talked, we laughed and for that small period of time we realize we were our best friends and we could do this. Now that the pandemic has lasted a million months we are heading into winter and I wish that I was able to rewind back to the first months of the pandemic and hold on to that moment. Were we slept in, drank a little to much and let all the stresses go. Marriage is hard and not everything you think it will be, its much more. I can't know the future but i do know this about marriage. FIGHT, fight all the time .... for your marriage. Think back to that pandemic beginning and try to see how to slow down and just appreciate each other. Not all marriages are the same and it shouldn't be make your marriage work for you not for that the box tells you.

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