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Of course we got 30 inches of snow, It's 2020.

I am sure the saying "It's 2020 " has gotten fairly annoying. But its true. I mean this year for my family is like the never-ending saga of bullshit. Even before we got hit with the pandemic the first 2 months of 2020 was completely a disaster. Then the pandemic hit and well you know how that's going. Now even though I am excited to end 2020 I am a little nervous of what 2021 is going to bring.

This year has been the year of change, adaptability and really just learning to go with the flow I guess. We can't control any of what's going on but we can control ourselves. So I challenged myself to list 5 amazing things that happen this year. Not going to lie this took me a bit and was hard. With all the horrible things that are going on in 2020 what is the best parts? Well this is my list!

  1. My boys became closer and I think this will continued to be a bond they have.

  2. We have our first women vice president which no matter what political stance you take it amazing.

  3. I learned a lot about myself and made changes I never would of made if it wasn't for the pandemic.

  4. Animal adoptions have skyrocketed --- Like this is amazing!

  5. Lastly it has been the year of family, Appreciating family and really valuing what you have.

Do I think 2021 will be better? Yes only because I think this year has forced people to change and become more aware of each other. Do I think life will return to normal? No, because what was before this wasn't normal. We will all on the fast track and didn't slow down to see each other.

So I ask you all this, don't return to normal. Stay close, appreciate everything. Keep on the slow track because when we look back at this horrible time lets hope we think of it as the best thing that ever happen to us.

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