• Caitlin Lewis

Social Media Overload - Politics and B.S.!

So I am positive I am not the only on who is exhausted by the consent overwhelming feed over complete bullshit through our social media feeds? I have no once ever posted my political stance on social media. Want to know why? Nobody really cares.

Here's my thoughts, I understand the idea of either your a liberal democrat or conservative republican has stand the test of time. But are you really that brain washed that just because the person that is talking is Dem or Rep that causes you to absolutely agree with them?

I mean can't you agree with one thing from each side and still not be a lying dem or a hypocritical republican ?

Like say I agree with the right to bear arms but then also believe that building a wall isn't gonna do shit? Or that Same sex marriages are not the choice of suited up old man but Abortions are not to be used as birth control ? What does this make me ? Now these aren't exactly my views but shows you that you can be on both sides.

So the Facebook feed frenzy is basically if you don't support the wall your a Trump hater ! Like if you believe that black men are targets your a cop hater, I mean to be its a scary time to be a parent. Like how do explain. The news is its own enemy !

My older son is constantly knowing things before me on social media but depending what video he sees first he is pushed one direction or the other. Which isn't always the truth. My advice, just focus on making sure your kids are kind people. That they know who they are and what they believe it. I'm a parent that no matter what road they choose I'm in you corner, biggest cheerleader. Nothing you do makes me love you any less. Believe in what you believe in. That's it, see beyond your eyes feel deep connections and life will be amazing!

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