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Stop being a fake mom. We all know.

Being a mom gives you a whole other level of dealing with fake bitches. Starting when they are young you accommodate annoying moms to make your kids happy. If your kid likes another kid and wants a playdate you drag your ass to the park and sit there being fake and making small talk. I did it, you did it and it sucks.

But as they get older you start to let them choose their friends and if you don't get along with the parents so be it. Over the years with my kids I have had levels of friendships with different parents. I have had to deal with the organic mom, the business mom, the outdoorsy mom, the stay-at-home mom, the sports mom, the drinking and partying mom but above all the worse is over the top mom.

The mom who clearly thinks their children are angels and does nothing wrong and also creates this social persona on how amazing of a mom they are. If you come in to contact with this mom... RUN! This is the hardest mom to deal with. If your children have a disagreement it will be your child's fault. If there is something your child is better at than their child they will go out and buy all the products to give the impression their child is better. They will force competition where non exist and above all, they will be the fakest person you will meet.

Becoming a mom made me realize how much I really mess up on a daily basis. My older son can be an ass and liar and my younger son can use his cuteness to get what he wants. I have a horrible time making friends with my children's friends' parents. I rarely find one who isn't fake or trying to make some bullshit story about being someone they aren't. News flash we all know who you are, no fake post on social media covers that up. Stop with the professional family photos, stop with your Pinterest V-day party cookie and stop with your long drawn out "These babies are my life posts". So here's my advice to that person, stop just stop being fake it gets you nowhere. If your real you attract real people. Stop making up lies to make your children look better than ours we know that your kids are just a little shit like ours.

Sincerely - The honest, bitchy mom

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