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Telling another parent their kid is being a bully.

There are 2 types of people. Ones that sit back and think that something is wrong and the others says something is wrong. I am the 2nd type.

Raising my kids I know I am not going to be amazing at every facet of parent but I do know one thing my kids will grow up learning respect, integrity and that bully will not f**king happen and if i find out your doing it, the little Xbox you love will be gone forever.

A few days ago I was at a playground near my house. Typically its full of younger kids but when we got there it was only a few kids and mostly older. My youngest is 8 and still loves the playground :) He ran off to play and I sat on a bench fairly close to where he was. There were two other moms there chatting over by the swings. I started to overhear some chatter going on between the kids playing and at first I just thought it was typically playground chatter. But then I started to listen closer, there was a smaller boy maybe six... and the other boys were calling him a "baby" saying he couldn't do anything. So at first I know that wasn't nice but wasn't time to step in... but then it got worse.

They started shouting " you big baby idiot" "you suck" "no one likes you" and then rolled out of one of the boys " I wish you would die" .... Ok that was it. I stood up grabbed my son, sat him down and flipped out. So why did I flip out when he wasn't saying those things? Because to be you are just as guilty not saying anything, you stand up for him. I asked " How would you feel if that was you??" he sighed and said he would felt horrible. He walked over to the little boy said he was sorry and told the other boys to stop being mean.

What I did next is not typically in 2020. But I stood up walked over to the 2 moms who i didn't know and told them what was happening. Well this could of went very bad, haha ! However not only did they thank me then told me how appreciative they were that I told them because they both feel like they don't know what they would of done in that scenario.

I left knowing what I did was right, my son learned a lesson and so did the other children. Plus it made me realize saying something is the right thing to do no matter what the reaction.

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