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The Crab Effect

" If I can't have it, you can't either" . If you put a bunch of crabs in a bucket and one crab starts to crawl out. The other crabs will start to pull the other crab back in the bucket, instead of helping it out.

This described the behavior of people who try to bring others down rather than lifting them up. It's a sad reality that not everyone wants to see others succeed, and some are willing to go to great lengths to make sure they don't. Derived from jealousy and envy towards someone who possesses something that we desire.

Everyone has this mentality to a point:

Instead of being happy for your friend that just got a big job promotion, your mind is thinking "why not me". I work just as hard.

Instead of seeing your teammate make every shot in basketball and make the varsity team. You think " they aren't even that good, they are only on the team because their dad is the coach."

Instead of seeing your friend start their new business and be insistly sucessfull. You think they must of had help, parents money or they will fail.

We've all had that dream of success and the glitter it brings. Sure, some folks may have lady luck on their side, but let's not forget the sweat and tears they've poured in behind the scenes. Hard work is the real backbone of every victory.

Here's a little tip: taking down others doesn't do anyone any good. Instead, why not channel that energy into becoming your best self? With a little hard work and determination, we can soar to new heights and inspire others to do the same! So, let's ditch the negativity and embrace a more positive, uplifting attitude. Celebrating each other's successes and achievements is way cooler than getting caught up in petty envy and jealousy. Together, let's make greatness happen and lead super fulfilling lives!

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