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The Slowest, Most Rewarding Breakup: Your Teenage Son

I recently stumbled upon a quote that said, “Having a teenage son is like going through the slowest breakup." My oldest son just turned 16, and it's evident that he's growing into his own person, embodying independence, self-motivation, ambition, and hard work. He's also hilariously funny and charming and drives me absolutely insane.

Despite feeling accomplished, however, I find myself struggling to slow down his growth, subconsciously yearning for the days when he relied on me for everything. It's an uncomfortable feeling as a parent to take a step back and watch as your child navigates the world without your direction or corrections. We've seen our kids through every "first" until now.

When your children are young, you always imagine who they will become and what they will love. The process happens so fast that it's challenging to keep up. Life prepares you for many things, but what prepares you for the process of letting go and evolving from the mom you've always been, the most important person in your child's life? The answer lies in being their mom – loving someone more than yourself and doing what's best for them. Selflessness is at the core of motherhood.

As you watch your teenager grow and face challenges, feel a sense of pride, accomplishment, and positivity. As a parent, I've made countless mistakes, some of which I laugh about now and others that helped me learn and grow. But all of them made me a better person. I learned to give my son space while always being there for him when he needs me. He taught me so much about life, myself, and the importance of staying true to oneself.

My son is fearless and hasn't been jaded by the world yet. While he has so much life ahead of him, he's savoring the present moment. So, I want to say thank you to my son for pushing me to be better. This stage of life may be the hardest and slowest "breakup" I'll ever experience, but it's also the most rewarding. When he moves on to bigger things, I'll be here, a better person again because of him. I love you always and I'am your biggest fan.

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