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The village is gone. So shut up.

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

I first started this blog because I was exhausted with all the mommy blogs or articles that just told me what I was messing up. Every time I read them they made me feel like shit as a parent/mom. Like feed them this, don't let them have over 30 min screen time, how to talk to your kids so they feel loved. So this blog is a big f-you to those blogs.

The saying it takes a village is true but the goddam village is gone. There is no community like there was before. You can't have your kid's friends over unless your walking on eggshells. When I was a kid and I went to someone's house if I was out of line or they just didn't like me they told me without reservations. Now if I say something to a child or that is inappropriate I'm on the chopping block.

So I am telling you to royally fuck up. I do daily, shit hourly. So I share my list of failures with you, what I do, or let my kids do that's not on your mommy help site!

>My kids eat shit, yes I am fairly healthy when it comes to dinners but snacks are a free for all. Fruit snacks, chips. cookies all of it. Guess what they're fine.

>I scream at my kids, mostly my 13-year-old because he is a little shit. I don't hit but I'll grab them by the arm and let them know what's up.

>I drink, my husband drinks. They see it. We are not alcoholics. The end.

>My kids see me and my husband fight, often. That's life and I don't feel bad. I'm not messing them but I am making them realize people fight, life is not a fairytale, and how you act after that's important.

>My 8-year-old just stop sneaking into my bed sleeping at night and I really didn't fight it. He was cute and I was so damn tired.

>My kids suck at reading books and I don't make them.

>My kids have way too much screen time. Period. Not explaining.

>My 8 year still can't but his clothes on right ( This is actually funny) because he is a borderline genius with school but I can't figure out how to get him to understand the tag goes in the back!

>My kids both suck at doing chores and we aren't very structure it basically when I get overwhelmed and lose my shit they will empty the dishwasher or feed the dogs.

I could go on and on, but you know what with all these horrible things i let go on. Both my kids are straight-A students, are well mannered ( with other people), caring like super caring and happy. So guess what all my mess-ups are working. My only goal is to not raise entitled assholes. So go ahead, mess you kids up!

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