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Winter + Covid = Freaking me out !

Ok this is not what you think, I'm not freaking out about Covid and my family getting it. I'm freaking out that once flu season starts coupled with Covid, I will be stuck in my house with my family from November- March. That's whole 5 months of no outlets like sports, skyzone, bike riding or anything to give us a outlet. I mean right now on rain day we can't survive!

So what do we do ? How do you keep moving and going and not losing it on each other. We are a middle class family in a middle class house. What I mean by that is we do not live in a mansion that there is a room for everyone. I can hear everyone all the time and it drives me insane. I am trying to develop a plan to rid the early onset depression from the time change and getting dark so early as well as the fact we are all here all the time. Sure we did it March but the weather was getting nicer and the days were getting longer that helped a ton!

We recently bought ski's. So when I was a kid all the way through high school I skied, snowboarded and was in Ski Club at school. It was amazing it keep me busy all winter. Shortly after high school graduation I moved to Virginia Beach, no skiing so I lost my luster with that. When we moved back with the kids, life got busy and skiing somehow tripled in cost and for a family of 4 for one day on the mountain i was looking at $500! Not happening. So each season we say we are going to do it and don't. This year we went down to our little local ski shop during their labor day sale just to look. Well we walked out with 2 new pairs of skis and boots..... umm we are currently broke AF.

My husband and I competitive and we have NEVER skied together. So this should be great, fun, exciting right? Ha, I can see it now if he is better than me you will see me in the ski-lodge getting drunk and chatting with the bartender about how big of an asshole my husband is. Isn't this how everyone's marriage is or just mine?

Winter days and nights are exhausting, make my whole family irritable and lazy. I love it up till Christmas and then the depression sets in. Well I would love to know how you plan to service this winter with your fam!

Comment below !!!

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