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Working out- I f**king hate it !

So when I was in my 20's I ate whatever was busy and stayed fairly in shape. I had 2 kids and honestly weighed less after my second than my first. Then I hit 30, and had a desk job and gained 25 lbs ... like wtf happen? I'd eat a cookie and my ass jiggled for a week.

I am in the consent battle with myself, eat healthy all day then 8:00pm comes around I binge on Oreos and what I mean by binge eat like 15. So last year before the pandemic hit I signed up for a gym, this was not motived by losing weight. It was because I realized that I have a small form of depression that came over the wintertime and needed a outlet. I started working out ... slowly and I hated every minute of it. I was doing great I guess, didn't lose one pound but i felt better so I guess it was worth it. Then ole' Covid came and shut down any chance of that working. I then got stuck in the house with my kids and all their awesome snack food and well hey hey quarantine - 15 !

So I tried diets, failed. Tried working out at home, failed. Then I just said F**k it ill just be that chick and own my extra lbs and flaunt it. But that didn't work either. It wasn't even about the weight I was just unhealthy. So I ran into another mom ( one I actually like) and knew she worked out at this local gym that was a class. So you go there they kick your ass for 45 min and your out. So I asked her if I should try it, clearing I'm completely out of shape. I mean you can see it haha! But she said come with me at noon tomorrow. Wellllllll let me tell you what happen next.

I showed up to this large studio to a super loud instructor and full of badass people who are in shape. Not intimidating at all ? Then the instructor puts me in the front. So basically everyone can watch me die. Then the workout starts, the instructor was easy on me for like the first 10 mins and then she starts yelling " Come'on Cait, one more, one more" Which puts all eyes on me and I'm not going to fail so I push through. The workout ends, I'm like ok I survived. I go home the next morning I wake up. Shit hurt I didn't know could, like that odd muscle on the side of your rib and the inside of your thigh. I go to get out of bed and I cant ! Like legit cant move. I had to roll sideways down the stairs. It took me a full week to walk normal again. So did I go back? Yes - I hate it just as much as I did before but for once I want to try to follow through with something and I really want a nice ass :)

* If your in the Saratoga Area- Try Metabolic Gym - you will regret it in a good way! *

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