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You need to start journaling.. NOW!

The term journaling to me is just the adult way of saying writing in your diary. As an adult, your mind is flooded with a million feelings, decisions, and ideas a day. I know I either let those feelings fall to the side, forget to do things or hardly remember why I did something.

So I started Journaling about 2 months ago. I went and picked out a cool-looking journal, sat down, and away I went. I honestly couldn't believe how much I wrote and how much I said. My feelings were flowing out of me at a rapid rate. Some pages are me stating how thankful I am for the little things and the other pages are me raging about the shit points in life, relationships, and parenting.

Over the course of the month, I realized I started writing less about angry issues and more about goals and hope for myself. I just opened myself up on this tiny piece of paper more than I ever had to any person. It's like once it was out on paper it was dealt with and we move on. I force myself every day to even write a little bit. By far this has been more therapeutic than anything else I do.

So I challenge you to go get yourself a journal and write down today exactly how you feel. To inspire you I am sharing the first paragraph or so of my journal entry today.


" So, I am over winter ! Like you can go now. Spring is like this mental fuck. One minute the sun is shining and the warmth comes through and then BAM 60 mph winds windchill of 10! Im cold and grumpy and it isn't helping anyone.

So yesterday Shane and I brought the dogs on the walk in the woods alone ( no kids) , like this never happens he legit is always working. But today he slowed down. It was nice to see him relax and enjoy walking through a trail in the woods with me. Sometimes I wonder what it's going to be like when the boys are grown and gone. Like will we still like each other haha. Times like this make me think we will be ok we are still pretty cool together <3."

Oh - PS get your shit together and go do the laundry.

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