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Depression, anxiety and everything in between.

Let's just get real, metal health issues should be leading the fore front of discussions. Because we can't physically see someone is hurting we just assume they are ok. Well I am here to tell you they are not.

Some of the happiest, funniest people are silently suffering behind closed doors. We ALL suffer from some type of mental illness and that's important to say. Some battle anxiety, ADD, depression and sometimes they don't even know they are. Let's stop people from being ashamed who are struggling.

This past winter was my first winter not having a full time job. I quit to work with my husband ( thats a whole nother blog ha) but his business is seasonal so it was slow there wasn't much going on and we were in each others way. I spent my days waking up cooking, cleaning, laundry and hanging out with the dog on the couch. We would pass each other in the hallways not saying much, I was always tired and could never get enough sleep. I have no energy or motivation. This caused me to gain weight and not take care of myself. It wasn't until March right before the pandemic. I went online and searched my symptoms..... you know what came up? Depression. I was in shock, I am a happy person I laugh I have fun. So how the hell am I depressed?

Because you cant control it. Its a chemical imbalance, and sometimes it worse than others. I was lucky to be able to regain myself once weather got nicer. But we are heading back into winter and I am prone to it now. So I will be self aware and take care of myself. Don't be ashamed... talk about it.

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