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Growing up with Santa.

Well first our holiday season looks different this year, not our typically set up. But my husband loves Christmas. He has a whole tradition on getting the right tree, making pecan pies, waking up to Christmas music. This is our tradition we created for just the 4 of us. We both don't have a ton of extended family that we see for holidays so normally its just us.

Growing up my grandparents made me believe that Christmas was the most amazing holiday. I mean they pulled out all the stops. They lived on a mountain in a large log cabin decorated it with bright lights each year. My grandfather would dress up like Santa trek through the woods and ring a bell. Until all of the grandchildren ran to the window to see him. It was amazing, he would come in with a sack of gifts. Knew us by name and exactly what we wanted.

Until one day at 7, I noticed when Santa came but my grandfather wasn't there. Being a over curious kid, that shit was suspect to me. Ha Ha . So I walked through the house looking for him until my Nana found me and asked me what I was doing. And you know what? I called her out!

I said .... umm Poppy is Santa ! She was shocked but handled it perfect. She said "Caite, he is! But you can't ruin it for anyone else or the magic is gone. You were picked to be his elf"

Holy shit, I felt so important. You should of seen me walking by my cousins like, I am an elf!

So for years after, each Christmas I would dress up as his elf and help him hand out gifts and presents to all the kids.

He was the best Santa I'd ever seen. He even was the town Santa where he would do the honorary tree lighting. Where the whole town surrounded him while he plugged the tree in. So when I got older and was told Santa is more of a thought and passion rather than a person. I was pretty disappointed. Looking back at these moments I would never be able to recreate this for my children. I am thankful everyday my grandparents gave me the true meaning of Christmas which is believing is something more than yourself and to make others happy not you.

So each Christmas, I remember when I wake up those special moments they gave me. I don't remember one gift. All I remember is the memory of my family and how it felt that morning having everyone smile.

My grandfather is older now, and stopped dressing up as Santa a few years ago. But before he did I was able to bring my son's up to see him in his whole get up and I can tell them that their great grandfather is Santa.

Poppy, Thank you for being the best Santa and person we could of asked for!

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