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The Dark Side of Human Entitlement: An Eye-Opening Experience

The other night I attended a comedy show at a local country club. Now before you think “ Well country club, isn't that nice” I am not a member nor have been there before. I was thinking this place was trying to be open to more than members or the thought that you have to have money to be able to enjoy their business. Now maybe that was their intention however it was clear within minutes that I was not in a crowd of people that accept anything less than a member.

As we sat there at their linen covered roundtables. I scanned the room thinking to myself that I felt out of place. Before I get into what happen. Comedy is something that is transparent. These comedians love what they do, put theirselves out there to fail or get that one joke that hits the crowd. They work on their material and take pieces of their own life and just put it out there. As a person who goes to many comedy shows, I know some jokes may be a lot to digest but I bought a ticket for this experience. And have nothing but respect for the comedians for showcasing themselves for something they love.

So to give you a feel for the crowd I know the only way I can give you a clear picture is to dial in the whole experience. You walk in to a heavy door to be treated by gold trim, old painted art and vintage scones creating a glow on the wall. Immediately making me feel underdressed with my jeans and Walmart knitted sweater ( which I love by the way). Greeted at the door to check in with my purchased ticket and seated at a table with 4 other couples. One of which thankfully was our friends. As I sat down I assumed the table would come together and talk, say hello but that wasn't the case. It was cold and uncomfortable, I still joined with a smile and open mind.

As the show begins, The first opener ask the crowd if they are ready for a great show. As I began my normal loud clap I slowly realized I was 1 of 5 that was ready, haha. Now comedy shows have openers, middle comedians and a headliner. Normally, based on the experience. So for me I feel you should show they some love even if the jokes don't measure up. As soon as they started the laughs were dull at that. At some points silent and uncomfortbale. The next comedian came to the 80's blue curtain background and started out with energy and a big smile.

Only to be quickly reminded of the pure entitled crown and utter disrespect they were up against. Within minutes an older man began watching sports videos on his phone as loud as it went. Shocking the comedian he made a joke “ Am I boring you” and without hesitation the man said “ Yes, you're horrible”. Without letting it bother him the comedian continued only to be stopped by this man yelling “ Your disgusting, your horrible, get off the stage”. They battled back and forth for a minute and the man said many more disrepectful statements until he finally loudly got his things and began to walk out to the bar. But not before screaming to the comedian “ Your a douchebag”.

So if that wasn't enough, His family, wife and other guest sat there in silence. Basically supporting this disgusting behavior. When he started to leave I let out a huge applause as well as said get out of here. To my surprise, the room remained silent. This room of entilted humans made me quickly realize how horrible people really are when they feel they are above people due to their status or money. I was just in shock. I felt like I was in a different dimension. Like people act like this , and get away with it?

To only find out later that this man almost physically fought this comedian as the show continued on with the next act.

So here is my open note this gentlemen. You are a emabrresment to this community, a town I grew up in and raising my children in. Don't think for one second you are above us, that you deserve to be in this town. And that you may of had your safe crowd at your little country club but if you were around true people of this town you would know real quick where your place is. Your disgusting and I hope that the next show this comedian has he uses you in his material to show how little effect you have with your small words.

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