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Interviewing my 13 year old

So I sat down with my 13 year and asked some interesting questions to see how he perceived them. It's truly surprising how he thinks of things and I was so happy I did this!

Q. How would you describe me as a mom?

A. Direct, Honest, Funny, A Little Crazy, Loud and Loving.

Q. What's the most embarrassing thing I do ?

A. Posting pictures on Instagram without my permission then tagging them with stupid hashtags like my babyboy.

Q. What stresses you out at 13?

A. Like trying to get everything done and fighting with you.

Q. If you could change one right now in our family what would it be?

A. Having my dad stop working so much, I know he has too but I would rather him hangout with me and go to Sushi.

Q. Why do you think your generation is better than mine? (FYI- Its not)

A. Because we have better ways to connect quickly and a lot of laws to protect us better. Like no smoking in restaurants and not being able to beat your child. We also have a bigger voice on who we are.

Q. What's the best apps on your phone ?

A. Among Us and YouTube

Q. Do you think marijuana should be legalized and taxed for certain aged people?

A. I mean I feel like it should be only medical to a point. Or is legal limited amounts. I just think alcohol, tabacco and weed should have laws against doing it around kids. I know there are laws for drinking and driving but not idiots that take it to far around their kids.

Q. Do you like being 13?

A. Umm.. No. I would rather be 14 ... 13 is awkward and i want freedom and a job,

Q. Lets see how well you know me ... Answer these 5 questions?


Whats my favorite TV Show ? A. Greys Anatomy

Whats my favorite Band/Artist? Pearl Jam and sometimes Eminem

Whats my favorite restaurant ? Longfellows

Whats my dream car? A Audi S4... which I don't get

When's my birthday? Umm.. July 11th... no no July 10th !

To end I asked him if he thought I was a solid mom... He said most days... Ill take it !

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