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My son had to get a COVID test, the new normal.

I kept my son's home from school and opted to stay virtual for the first semester. After a few months of virtual learning he was doing fantastic however truly was suffering with social interactions. After a lot of discussions we decided to send him back to school. Our local school was doing a great job handling the wrench that was thrown at them and making the kids feel as normal as possible.

He was due to return the week of Thanksgiving. That Friday before we had our first 2 positive Covid cases at the school. So I panicked a little, and then said its ok he will be ok. We sent him off Monday to school with the biggest smile on his face hidden by his blue mask. As he walked in the building and I watched all the other kids with mask's I first became sadden by the view. I thought these poor children, they will never forget this.

But as soon as I felt sad I felt relief as my son turned around jumping up and down waving to me goodbye.

He has 2 full days of school then Thanksgiving break. On that Monday after I sent him off to school and within a few hours had a phone call from the nurse. As soon as I answered I said " Oh No, I know this isn't a good call" the sweet nurse on the other end gently informed me that he had a stomach ache and would need to be picked up and brought to get a Covid test. I was frustrated but understood. I picked him up called the doctors office and they gave me the first available appointment the next day. He was nervous and kept apologizing that he said his stomach hurt. I couldn't believe it, like he feels like he is in trouble !

I explained to him that he did the right thing and we would handle this and be ok. We arrived at the Dr office and pulled in front of the build, A nurse stood there with double masks and face shield and full body coverings. Fairly intimidating. My son was sad but wanted to get it over. She walked up to the car, leaned in and said " Don't worry buddy I just have to catch some of your extra boogers, it will be quick" She took the swab went in he coughed and we were done. His response...that wasn't so bad!

Now we waited and waited. He was out of school this whole time. 3 Days, no learning just sitting home with me. Finally at 11:45 day 4 we got the call. NEGITIVE! We packed up as soon as we could and headed back to school, he was so happy, Although our experience wasn't bad it does make me realize I don't know how 2 fulltime working parents can handle this. Any symptoms they get sent home until a neg. test that could take up to 5 days! Plus it doesn't matter if you have a neg Covid test last week if they come with another symptom your out. We are grateful he is back in school, but we know the worst is yet to come.

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Dec 05, 2020

I wish I had known you when I was raising our kids. I have so enjoyed reading each and every entry and I am in awe of your strength, your confidence, your reasoning and everything about how you are raising your boys, living your life, loving your family and loving yourself. Thank you for sharing it all with us.

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