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So we stopped watching the News.

So last year everyone was glued to the news with the Covid Pandemic. Myself included, it became an obsessive thing I did right when I woke up. Get coffee, turn on the news and get sucked into everything. From Covid, to politics, to just about anything caught my attention and I was in.

After the long election season and the 50/50 backlash on Trump vs Biden, I was exhausted. But still found the urge to see what was next. On new years eve, My husband and I were sitting on the couch living the dream ( ha) and he turned to me and said let's stop watching the news. At first, I was like yea for sure, no problem. Then the next morning I woke up got my coffee and sat down. Like what the hell was I suppose to put on?

It started with HGTV building shows, trickled into Travel shows, Cooking it was annoying to have to find something to watch each morning. After a month I realize I stopped sitting around, I wasn't in a bad mood because I just heard anything horrible thing that's happening in the country. I was motivated - let's get this shit start ( my day that is). 6 months in we are " News Free" and can say it's made our life better.

Now when someone is like "Omg, did you did that the pipeline was hacked " I sit there in utter confusion and have to google it.<---- (That actually happen and the person said to me, How do you not know? Don't you watch the news? ......NOPE. It makes me choose what I want to see and hear not what the media wants me to see. Now I may have given up the new but I have not given up tv, ha. I love me some Greys, murder shows, and now onto Cruel Summer.

In short- give it up. Live life like you don't know what's happening, it opens doors and clears the mind!

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