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Virtual Learning - Wtf are we doing ?

As I sit here the day before virtual learning/ school starts, I question my choice to keep my kids home. I have all great intentions of making memories and seizing the summer days but summer has come and gone. I didn't do anything I said I was going to do, no huge beach fun day, ice cream trips or playdates. Our summer equated to eating junk food, video games, sleeping in and maybe brushing our teeth. No routine, no structure.

I woke up daily trying to force myself to plan and execute the day. But one would sleep in too late and the other would start some stupid argument and here we were 1:00 pm and I was done. I hate to admit it but between the trampoline, games and kids messenger they seemed to rather do that then chill with me. Sure I feel guilty, maybe they will remember the summer of 2020 as the best or worse summer they had.

But now reality is here, there has to be some return to normalcy. So I set up their computers at the dining table, well one school supplied computer and a I-Pad that is pretty much worthless. I keep seeing the rush of photos of the " Virtual Learning set ups " and I'm like cool that's awesome but I'm not Joanna Gaines or Pinterest so we make due with our little set up. My kids are fairly humble, they know I could go out buy new desk and crap but they are kosher with our little dining room set up.

What I am fearful of is the school, there is just so many unknowns and seemly impossible questions to answer. I am sure they are doing the best they can but it is impossible to keep up. Each kid has a different log in, 17 different platforms, Zoom, Seesaw blah blah blah. We are surly going to screw this up bad. I can tell if they don't learn anything online schooling they will for sure learn patience, email etiquette and when to have the mute button on because mom is losing her shit on the dogs !

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