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What's for Dinner ? Nothing !

Ok so when the pandemic hit and I no other option but to cook every single night I learned a few things.

1. That I saved like at least $500 a month

2. I don't mind cooking but holy shit the cleaning

3. After a few weeks you legit just start repeating the meals and everyone response is like, Chicken, Again !

Cleaning 3 times a day just in the kitchen. My dishwasher couldn't keep up I'd load, upload, wash, dry. My husband and kids complained about legit every meal because it wasn't McDonalds or pizza. We sometimes were eating the most random things! So after a few months of this there are a few things I did to help my sanity!

  • So first if you don't have one yet, get a dang AIRFRYER! This it incredible the first night I made pork chops and they came out tasting like bacon. My family was hooked and the clean up was must easier with this.

  • Second I had plastic, plates and silverware I bought at Target and my kids ONLY used these. Then they would have to wash and put them to the side for the next meal. They hated it and fought me but it worked out.

  • Next, We made meal plans but each week one of my kids got to pick a day and we had one day to order take out somewhere local to support them in the middle of the pandemic.

  • The biggest thing I learned is order groceries online is amazing and helps you not forget anything!

I am going to post my monthly meal plan shortly on this blog and each month moving forward. Starting the school year virtually I also have lunch on Septembers menu!

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