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Why are we hiding who are kids really are?

Especially now in the time of social media parents are flooding their feed with how amazing their kids are. Their huge accomplishments, schooling ventures, sports basically anything they can post. Behind all of that are large and small struggles that I believe would help everyone if we were all just honest about it.

Do you know right now is the highest rate of suicide in teens ever. Over 5,000 teens died by suicide this year. 5,000 possibly preventable deaths. I know talking to your teen is difficult and you normally won't get much out of them. But why don't we talk to each other?

What about drug use, alcoholism, eating disorders, even something as small as simple day struggles as self-image hate. Why do we hide? Why do we feel judge if we are open about our amazing children struggling? Wouldnt that bring us together, help save our kids from the harsh reality that most of this struggling will continue into adulthood.

Would it help give us directions on parenting them to success? Stop hiding behind the beautiful homes, cars, and smiles on Instagram. Be proud of your child within their struggles. I was told once that the people that "look" like that have it all together are the most messed up. Because they are hiding and not handling life. Teach your kids there is nothing to be ashamed of, but that starts with you not acting ashamed.

Be proud of your kid's struggles and how they overcome them. If more parents pulled down the curtain and opened up I believe more and more would and we would have an unbreakable support group.

You see the good, bad, ugly, crazy, sad, and confusing side of my family. Because I want to make sure everyone knows your not alone and keep going. THERE IS NOT ONE THING TO EVER MAKE YOURSELF OR YOUR KIDS FEEL ASHAMED FOR. You're all amazing and more amazing with flaws!

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