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20 stripped down things about me #thetruth

I scream LOUDLY at my kids, also swear.

I forget to go and cancel appointments all the time.

I drive till the miles till empty is 1.

I forget to pay bills until they call sometimes.

My car is a complete disaster.

I have mini breakdowns in the shower.

I am having a hard time aging physically but love it mentally.

I can be caught hiding with a glass of wine in my bathroom, weekly.

I go clothes shopping, pick up 10 things, put 10 things back.

I don't have great friends, I miss that and am jealous of those who do.

I never answer the phone or texts for that matter, I see them I just don't have the energy.

I wash clothes, forget about them, re-wash them, put in the basket and forget again.

Sex is important and a priority in my life.

We joined a bowling league because we were bored, it's become our favorite thing.

I hate working out, envy those who do. But want a bad ass body. Clearly isn't happening.

When I ground my kids from screen time, I feel like I'm the one being punished.

I've worked for many assholes in my life, now I work with my husband. Ill leave that open to interpertion.

I pee when I jump on the trampoline, sneeze to hard or laugh to hard, f**ken kids.

I have an obsession with Greys Anatomy. Fairly unhealthy one.

Other moms don't like me most of the time. I prefer it that way. Not trying to fit it with you.

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