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7 Days of New: The Wake Up

I decided to take super small steps to drive me to do more, learn more, and be better. I take on new challenges each week to see how they affected my day. Good or bad.

The first one was to:

Wake up at 5 Am

This was difficult. I love sleeping and I am a nite owl so I dont hit the pillow until late and then watch some crappy TV until I fall asleep. I am normally drained and tired. By the time the kids go to school and I start my day I am already behind. Which just puts me in a funk of feeling overwhelmed. I read an article that said that the most successful people in life wake up at 5 am.

So for 7 days straight I set the alarm for 5 am. I cringed when I heard it go off. Day 1 I went downstairs made the coffee, let the dogs out, and started my morning. The first 3 days were horrible. I was out of it and sleepy. But on day 4 I woke up before the alarm. Did a load of laundry, and made a list of what I needed to get done for the day, and by the time my teen went to the bus I was halfway done with what I got done during the day. The only downfall was by the time the rest of the family was awake I was already rolling and I could see it was annoying the shit out of them.

Today was day 7, The biggest challenge was the weekend. This is my time to sleep in but to make a new habit you have to keep consistent. So I roughed it and got my ass out of bed. It being fall in upstate NY the days are short and the mornings are dark, cold, and misty. So I would say this doesn't help. But it did help me stay motivated for the rest of the day. Each day I found something new that helped me get moving and not stay in bed. A shower in the morning helped me wake up, get dressed, and ready before getting my first coffee ( This was the hardest), and finally, I couldn't sit down right away. On the days I did, it took everything I had to get up and get things done

So was it worth it? Yes! Will I keep doing it? I hope so, but winter is coming and a warm comfy bed, when it's snowing, is like a sin to get out of. I will end with this. If you are overwhelmed right now and need to get things done. Just do it for a week. See the change, the number of things you accomplish, and it's kind of a no-brainer. It makes the days and week go smoother. And I will say by day 5 I was sleeping better even if it was a shorter time.

So wake up, kick-ass !

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