• Caitlin Lewis

Good Luck With Your New Year Resolutions

I love starting a new year. For exactly 1 month I kill it. I Eat healthy, workout, get organized, plan to save money and basically take over the world. Then February comes which is the coldest month in upstate New York and all of it goes out the window. I want warm feel good food. I don't want to wear boots to the gym then exchange them for my sneakers. And I for sure don't give a shit about organization because winter is just trying to survive putting on kids snow gear and keeping the floor clean from melting snow and rock salt.

So what's better than new years resolutions? Do one SMALL change. Like mine last year was making sure the kitchen was clean before I went to bed. So it happened like 60% of the time. Compared to 30% of the time in the prior year. I felt better in the morning not having to deal with it and made my day better. If you reach to far you will get discouraged because it will take longer to achieve. Start small. Feel good and add to it.

So this year mine is talking to myself more. I know sounds crazy but hear me out. I want to be aware of me and be honest with myself. Don't take my own excuses that are bullshit. Like kind of of call myself out. How will I do that? I am going to write down weekly shit I wanted to do and didn't. Then try to come up with whatever bullshit excuse I would typically say and cross it out. Proving to myself I am the problem. I can fix it if I wanted to.

Either way don't put to much pressure on yourself. Life is a day by day thing. Any goal needs to be adjusted to accommodate. Lastly you will fail. That's ok, because you will learn a shit load in the process. Happy 2021 !

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