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I miss the busy life, sort of.

Today we are exactly 8 months from the start of the shut down in NY. Let that sink in.... we have all grown exhausted and tired. When it first started you would see post of families spending more time together, siblings bonding and an overload of post about playing bored games. But now... we just all sit and wait. What's next? When's the next shut down? Can I find a job? Why is food so expensive now? and a magnitude of other thoughts racing through our heads.

I miss the busy life. The running from sport to sport. The dropping kids to friends house. The sleepovers. The nights at my favorite small town bar (9 maple) to enjoy that amazing expresso martini. The dancing. The laughing and being able to see your face when you do. The lunch making. The rushing. The uninteresting party invites that you don't want to join but you do anyways. The hugs... I especially miss these. The overall chaos that's life.

I love saying that I have spent more quality time with my boys over that last 8 months then I ever have. But I also have spent less time with me. Less time caring about me. Less time even thinking about me. The busy life caused me to say " Hey, you need to slow down" .. take a day off.. spend sometime with you. This current state of life is just different.

Basketball is cancelled, school activities are cancelled, Normalcy is cancelled. So sometimes when I sit down with my glass of wine on day 243 of this slow down and hope for a little busyness.

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