• Caitlin Lewis

Modern Love

For decades most of us were raised to think that there is one way of love. Marriage and staying together. Over the past 10-15 I think that has fully expanded to have a million ways to love. Even within marriages, the idea of conventional marriages has shifted.

I think the most important aspect of love and relationships is respect. Tradtional marriage doesn't necessarily support this. If you choose this path over the years you both will grow to resent each other and possibly lose yourself in the process. I recently watch a show on Showtime called Couples Therapy, initially this was just for a fill in to fall asleep to. But this was one of the most interesting shows I have watched. It showed 4 different couples struggling to define their marriage. To cope with who they are and how to navigate being in love but struggling. All of them had different types of marriages.

So what is an unconventional marriage/relationship? Well, there are many types that work for many different couples. Some couples may live in separate homes. Some travel alone. Some are in open relationships. Some are swingers. Some combine finances some don't. These are definitely the extreme version of modern love but even small changes to the conventional way of life can spark new meaning and joy into your relationship.

The traditional marriage is almost impossible to survive. I am not saying to go to these extremes but sometimes exploring new ways of life opens doors you didn't know that was there. If I could afford I swear I would like in a separate house haha! Whatever decision you make for your relationship, know it is right for you, and try to tune out the bullshit, focus on each other, and continue planning for your relationship. Screw everyone else. This is your relationship start living for that not everyone else.

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