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Self Care- Say No

I once saw a quote that said " Being an adult is like when you were a kid and you fell on the trampoline and all your friends kept jumping and you couldn't get up". Really sums it up, right? Every time you're ahead you get knocked down and basically never fully get back up.

I see many people who do an amazing job of self-care. Getting their hair done, massages, vacations, etc. I've strived for many years to take time for myself and do things like that. But self-care isn't that easy or simple. It comes in many different ways and is very hard for some people.

So what I have learned is Selfcare can be small things that make a huge difference. My self-care looks like this:

- Finishing one full load of laundry ( that means putting it away)

- Saying No

- Going to sleep a little early

- Not answering text/calls

- Taking a drive by myself, just a random 15 min

- Make a To-Do List

- Having a legit bad day and not holding it in

- Not apologizing for something

- Ask for help

- Not cooking dinner and ordering out

- Not cleaning at night and binging a show

I could keep going because there are so many little things to do to maintain self-care that doesn't require much. So if you can't get your nails done or work out for a week. You haven't failed at self care your just looking too deep into it. Being an adult is tough, no one prepares you for the crazy roller coaster of emotions and self-doubt you will battle with.

Take it slow, Just do one a day. You will feel better overall. This isn't a potion to make life easier but to help you deal with the day-to-day that to me is the most overwhelming.

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