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Travel, Do It, Stop Making Excuses

My family has always talked about doing our "bucket list" with our kids before they venture off to their own adult life. We discuss, plan and never execute. Until now. My husband and I own our own company and taking time off is just not an option. We take trips locally to ensure we are here if needed. Which is the worst part of business ownership. You are the business.

In September, we had a slowdown period where we would be waiting on certain things to complete a project. Typically we would move other projects up to fill in and keep going. But one night my husband and I were sitting watching TV and in the show it showed a family in Utah visiting the Moab. I just sighed and said " I wish we could just go" and my husband's exact words were " Fuck it, let's do it" . I laughed and was like " okkkkk". He said, " I'm serious, let's just go next week I have time off, and if we don't do it now when will we ? "

So in 3 days, I booked flights, hotels, car rental and packed 4 suitcases. We told our kids the day before we went. They had just started school and had sports practices, but I told them you will experience and learn more on this trip than any schooling can teach them.

We flew out the next morning, with really no plan. Just places we wanted to go. We got our rental car and started our trip. We traveled 3,000 miles in 6 days. We started in Denver. Drove through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. North to Montana to see Glacier National Park. Then through Idado and finally to Utah to see the Arches.

We booked hotels on the go, ate at some amazing places, and met the most incredible people. I specifically remember standing in Glacier National Park and looking around and seeing that my kids were the minority. Everyone was older, retired, and waited for their whole lives to see this. I was so grateful that we did it. That we showed our kids that there are lives outside our small town. That nature is a beautiful thing and that sometimes you just have to say " Fuck it and go !"

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