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UnMask our F**king Kids! Step up.

When the pandemic started I have to say I was scared for my children. I did everything I could to protect them. They lost every sense of normal. No friends, no outings, no school, masked up for 2 years. I was so sad for them that they had to live through something like this but supported protecting everyone in the process. My family masked up and protected you. Now it's your time to take care of our children's future.

The country stood still and shut down. The mask vs no mask debate was always there but I did my part and masked up. I was strong in my belief in if my mask-wearing could protect one person it was worth it. 2 years into the Pandemic our children sit in schools masked, yelled at if their mask slips below their nose, written up if the mask isn't on the right way, and are given minimal mask breaks ( only outside). But we sit here cheering on the Superbowl where 70,000 attendees yelled and scream UNMASKED. Life has returned to normal for adults but our children are the ones taking the burden.

This is complete and utter bullshit. Every day I send my kids to school and watch them mask up to protect you I feel like I'm not protecting them. It's our jobs to keep our children safe not their job to keep you safe. We have asked out children to stay home, no playdates, outings, adjust, pivot, and overcome a million sacrifices. Yet adults continue life, concerts, bars, SuperBowl....

To all the parents that want to mask their children that is your choice. But right now to the parents that want their children to live, learn, breathe and get their lives back, fight. Unmask our kids. Our kids deserve better from all of us.

Let's see their smiles again. Let us see their emotions. Let's see our children and thank them to doing what they had to, to protect us,

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